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A curriculm for all students of ambition, integrity and academic rigour that:

- provides inspiration and opportunity
- builds core knowledge and conceptual understanding
- develops skills and personal attributes
and supports all students to thrive

Students Studying Outside


We have consistently high academic standards and expectations for every individual.


  • Courses that offer challenge in content and in delivery for students of all ability levels underpinned by the use of challenging targets

  • A broad and balanced curriculum of courses well matched to student need, interest and aspiration across Key Stages Three, Four and Five 

  • A recognition that we are a challenge seeking species and of the reward and satisfaction which comes from accomplishing challenging work

  • Teaching which is effectively differentiated to offer appropriate challenge for all learners.


  • An ethos of respect, understanding, cooperation and consideration which underpins exceptional attitudes to learning

  • A flexible and personalised approach to best match student need to their curriculum offer in order to maximise progress in school and progression to their next step

  • An inclusive and personalised curriculum, which is made accessible to all learners tailored to their individual needs to help them make outstanding progress both academically and personally

  • A Personalised Curriculum such as a Transition Group in Year 7 to maximise student progress and a personalised pathway for students who need it at Key Stage 4

  • Prioritising progression in the skills of English and Maths and giving students the literacy and numeracy skills required to access the curriculum, achieve academically and live lives enriched by literature and an understanding of number


  • Acceptance of hard work and discipline as requirements for success

  • Styles of teaching and learning by individuals, departments, group of students and across the whole school which are constantly reviewed and developed in order to provide support, stretch and challenge for all

  • Exposure to challenging texts, content and subject matter underpinned by language for learning in subject disciplines

  • A broad range of teaching styles to develop: knowledge and understanding, behaviour for learning, creative and analytical skills, literacy and numeracy

  • Opportunities for students to produce ‘beautiful work’


  • Equipping students with the knowledge they need to understand, interpret and improve the world. 

  • A curriculum which builds on prior knowledge, sequences learning effectively and supports transitions onto the next stage of learning 

  • A curriculum designed to provide students with opportunities to acquire new knowledge and develop understanding independently of the teacher 

  • An understanding of the importance of links which exist within and across subject disciplines Regular opportunities for students to recall and retrieve knowledge, build and develop schema to apply current knowledge to new learning contexts


  • An extensive menu of extra-curricular clubs, which are relevant to our students

  • A large number of learning experiences outside of the classroom including trips, concerts, performances and awards evening

  • The cultural capital of our students is developed through exposure to subject matter, material and experience

  • Subject learning rooted in the real world with links to careers

  • Involvement in high quality experiences: Duke of Edinburgh, Brilliant Club, International Maths Challenge, visits, volunteering, leadership opportunities and lesson activities


  • A curriculum which promotes creativity, communication, reflection, independence and team work for our learners

  • Personal, Social and Health Education alongside Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Development within the subject curriculum and Active Programme to grow a sense of social and personal responsibility underpinned by sound moral values. 

  • Students are given the opportunity to develop their career thinking and to acquire important career management and employability skills. 

  • Teaching which develops and models concepts such as resilience and learning from mistakes alongside subject content. 

  • Teachers model and promote a Growth Mindset and metacognition alongside explicitly teaching students how to maximise their memory and learning. 

  • The attitudes, characteristics and self-belief to tackle any challenges in future life.  



We seek to provide opportunities for students to develop the skills and attributes needed to succeed now and in their future personal and professional lives.

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