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Year 9 Pathways & Options: Image

Key Stage 4 starts here...

Welcome to our Year 9 students, parents and families to our online Year 9 Options Evening. We very much hope that the video resources will provide you with timely and insightful information at this important juncture in every student's journey.

We are passionate about the pathways that we designate to all of our students and we have established a very successful track record in supporting each and every student through KS4 and into their next step beyond. 

 We firmly believe in the established and broad curriculum and the next steps guidance we offer; we believe in our skilled and committed staff and we believe in the ability of our students as learners. 

We have no doubt that the next two years will be an exciting and challenging journey. A journey that starts now.

Mr Whittle, Principal,
Mr Brockman, Achievement Co-ordinator

Year 9 Pathways & Options: Video
Year 9 Pathways & Options: Image


A video welcome to Options Evening and explanation of the options process from 

   Mr Whittle and Mr Brockman. 
Advice for students from our Head Prefects

Year 9 Pathways & Options: Text
Year 9 Pathways & Options: Pro Gallery


Follow these simple steps to learn more about your Pathway and Options.

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Be informed
Year 9 Options Evening

Access our Virtual Options Evening and pre-recorded videos on 23rd February from 5pm.
Watch the 'Welcome presentation' and Subject videos' to hear from staff and students and to visualise what your learning journey will be like in Key Stage 4.

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Your Pathway

Following receipt of your pathway letter, read your related booklet and watch the guidance videos, so that you understand the decisions that you face.

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Options Evening & Parents Evening

Use Parents Evening on March 1st, as a chance to understand your progress and refine your choice/s.

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Our application process

From Monday 28th February, each student will receive an email containing instructions on how to submit their subject choice/s. You can submit your choice/s from Monday 27th February until March 24th, 2022

Year 9 Pathways & Options: Activities
Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard


Please click and scroll through the various videos below in which our teachers and subject leaders introduce you to the various subjects that will form pat of your decision-making in Key Stage 4 and vocational courses on offer at Hayes.

Year 9 Pathways & Options: Text
Year 9 Pathways & Options: Video Player


Our GCSE Curriculum, the timetable that facilitates our curriculum and the Pathways we have designed, allows each student to study a broad and balanced programme to a good depth.

Throughout their time in Years 10 and 11, each student will get access to a range of expertise and advice, which we believe will inform the decision-making of everyone. 

In order to further our support for Year 9s, we hope that the videos shown below will give each student, even more access to advice and guidance, enabling both students and parents to become well-informed.  

Year 9 Pathways & Options: Text